Newly Discovered Floating Island near the coast of Mumbai

Newly Discovered Floating Island near the coast of Mumbai

A video of the swirling island visible in the sea has become viral on social media. This video, shot by a boat, is a subject of great debate on social media. This floating thing is a piece of land or no one else has yet become clear about it.

A video is happening on some Facebook pages and YouTube channels since yesterday. In this video, a fisherman in a boat is heard seeing a big rock in the ocean. As usual, this video has been shot in a small boat from the beach in Mumbai, for fishing, in which the fisherman is seen to have seen an island never seen before. 'We have been regular here for many years and have never seen it.' The story of the conversation with the local fishermen on this boat has also been recorded in the video.
Some people in the boat were amazed at seeing this swinging island, and some people were afraid of all this type of video communication. Some of the videos are heard by saying that they are seeing what the drowsiness is, and some people say that they refuse to go and do not panic and ask to drive the boat again to the shore. Specifically, since the last two days, the video was being viral, no government machinery has given any explanation regarding the video or what was happening around it.

This video uploaded to social media by an unknown person is now viral on Whatsapp. From last many generations, the fishermen live in Mumbai. For them, the sea from the coast of Mumbai is very well known. However, never before has such a huge wave of mysterious secrets seen in the sea of Mumbai. So the mystery of these videos has increased further.
Recently a news channel managed to get hold of the fishermen who were on that boat and this is what they had to say  "Madam, we left to fish like we usually do, as we went further in, we say something like a large island and we got scared seeing that as we had never seen anything like it before "
The same news channel has also released what they claim to be satellite images of the island.

These images clearly show the considerable movement of the island between the span of 12 hours and seem to be inching towards Mumbai's shores.

Scientifically speaking, floating island do exist and usually large clusters of aquatic plants and mud that appear near marshlands, But this island has appeared out of nowhere and is too big to be made out of aquatic plants.
Many believe that it could be a floating island of trash, but the satellite images would have picked that up.
Is this island for real? Or could this be an elaborate hoax? All we know that this thing, whatever it is keeps getting weirder and weirder. 

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