How Youtube Rewind 2018 become the most disliked video on history of youtube

How YouTube Rewind 2018 become the most disliked video on history of youtube 

YouTube Rewind 2018 is become the most disliked video in the history of YouTube. Every year YouTube made a special video at the end of the year with starred cast of YouTube. In this video YouTube selected those creators who worked best in YouTube in case of gain more subscribers or views in this year.

The Rewind 2018 is the own video make by YouTube and this video got 12 million and counting dislikes. This is the first video to get such a huge amount of dislikes. 

Till now approximately 127 million people have viewed the video and among them just 2.2 million likes are able to get by this video. And also 12 millions or more people already disliked the video. Before that most disliked video was made by Justin Beiber. Who got 9 million dislikes on his popular song "Baby" in nine years. But in this case the video got 12 million dislikes just in 1 weeks. That's really disappointed for YouTube.

Since the video released on 6 December people have been started comment on the video about the theme. Lots of people even didn't get the theme. 

Marques Brownies himself has come out and said, "something regard to the whole situation yeah you know the one who Will Smith if I could anything god had for tonight and if I had controlled we rode out at fortnight not have Marques Brownlee." He even came out and shit on YouTube rewind. Now honestly I think Marquez is right. YouTube has become so corporate that it is completely out of touch with its fans with the creators, with the people who watches YouTube. 

When you watched the last few rewinds you yourself can tell this is pretty much the case they just never seem to get it right.  They are always featuring creators who have been in it multiple years in a row like Marquez. 

The Youtubers who participated in this video are likely - 100 Cupados, Adam Ripon, Alisha Marie,Ami Rodriguez, Anwar Zibawi, AsapSCIENCE, BB ki Vines, Bearhug, Bie the SKA, Bilingirl Chika, Bokeym Tv, Caju Tv, Casper, Casey Neistat, Cherrygumms, Collins Key, Dagi bee, Desimpedidos, Dolan Twins, Domics, Dotty Tv, Elle Mils, Emma Chamberlains, Enas Batur, Enjoy Fhonix, Fap Tv, Favij Tv, Furious Jumper, Gabbi Hanna, How ridiculous, Technical guruji, Ms yeah, Nick Eh30, Pozzi, Sam Tsui, Sam HurveyUK and many more. There is 2 big name of Indian Youtubers "BB ki Vines" and "Technical Guruji" who just crossed 10 millions subscribers recently. 

May be YouTube totally forgot about the nail biting race between the PiwDiePie and TSeris to see who got the top spot, Logan Paul and KSI fight even the slime addiction. I think YouTube should have notice on those cases. The users did not find what they wanted to see that's why this video has failed desperately. 

You can see the video here šŸ‘‡

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