Call Of Duty :Legengs of War finally comes on Android Smartphones

Call Of Duty :Legengs of War finally comes on Android Smartphones

The news came from Call of Duty. After the huge succession of Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) both in Android as well as PC, The Tencent company is now all set to launch call of duty : Legend of war on Mobile . Isn't a great news ? But there is a little caveat. The Game is coming on Android smartphone with Alpha version.  Because the Tencent comapny apparently wants to work on some improvement of the app before rolling out a stable version.

Call of Duty : legends of war

 About the Game : Call of Duty 

Call of Duty is a first persion shooter video game francise. The series began on microsoft windows and expected to console and handleds. Several Spin off game have been released. The earlier games in the sereies are set primarily in WorldWar ll . But later the game typically been set in mordern times or in futuristic settings. The most recent game Call of Duty :Black ops 4 was released on 12 october, 2018.

In an event the Compnay Tencent says that Call of Duty: legends of war comes with the best combination of popular best maps, Characters, Weapons as well as Gears from the Call of Duty universe for the first time in one game.

Features of Call of Duty in Android Smartphones

• Multiplayer Mode : Where players will be                   able to engage in online 5v5 PvP action                     with modes such as Team deathmatch,                     frontline and others. 

• There is also be Zombie mode in the game.    

• Options to use Classic Call of Duty map                     which will include Nuketown , Crash, and                   highjack.

• Characters will be same as Call of Duty                     :Mordern warfare as well as Call of Duty :                   Ghost.

• In the Android app players will be able to                   earn Perks, Weapons, Skills, as well as                       Equipments from supply.

• The Game comes with FPS touch control                 specially developed for mobile controls.

• Customizable HUD and settings.

• AAA quality console graphics and 3D                         graphics.

How to Download Call of Duty: Legends of War  in Android 

Before launching stable version of the game You can enjoy by playing this game with Alpha version. Beacause someone has already leaked the apk file of Call of Duty : legends of war. You can side-load the APK and OBB file. After installed the Apk, put the OBB file inside the  Android/Obb folder and a new folder named


After done this process you can play and enjoy the game .

Download the APK

Download the OBB

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