Anti Suicide Ceiling Fan Rod | Worth 250 Rupees Rod can saves many lives

Anti Suicide Ceiling Fan Rod | Worth 250 Rupees Rod can saves many lives

Sharad Ashani, a 62 years old man retired general manager of Crompton Greaves, residense  of Mulund , Maharastra has invented a rod that can reduce suicide level. According to Sharad the rod is suicide proof . When a person want to hang oneself on ceiling fan ,the fan won't allow it to do so.

Most of the time when a person wants to commit suicide they used to hang themselve with the ceiling fan. According to a research data from National crime Bureau, it says that about 1.3 lakhs people commit suicide each years and about 60,000 people use to killed themselve by hanging and most of theme are used ceiling fan to do so.

According to Sharad, it was a model Nafisa Joseph' suicide in 2004 that spurred him into creating this anti suicide ceiling fan rods. He named this rod  "Gold Life" . The mechanism of this rod is - when a person tries to hang oneself by ceiling fan the rod will disengaged from the fan because the mechanism is when the pressure that means load will began higher than the fan the Spring present in the rod will expand the and it will dispose the person to the bed or ground safely.

Sharad Ashani says, " The springs expands and the person lands on the ground safely without the motor housing or blades causing injuries . This is my way of giving back to society . We are least bothered about safety. The helmet had to be made mendatory for people to start wearing it . I would think that this rod too could save many lives if its use is popularised."

He also says ," I will also took at the used market to reach out to more people . Around 2.5 lakhs ceiling fans are manufacturer every months and the market is huge so we need to reach out ."

This is the really inovative invention invented  by Sharad Ashani . I think government should help him to  reach his goal. Also He is an honest person and he really care about people thats why he kept the Rod's price only 250 Rupees.  So that any common people buy this rod easily and it is also can be use use in older fans.

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