These are the major problems on Xiaomi Pocophone F1 | 5 reason not to buy Pocophone F1

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has these 5 problems | Reasons why you should not buy this device

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A few days ago Xiaomi launched a flagship device named as Pocophone F1 which brings huge fans all over the world . But today i m gonna talk about some problems which make this phone not to buy for some people. If u all set to buy this device spending $300 then at least u should know the problems have to face in future about this device.  So, here we go....

1. Polycarbonate plastic body

Looking at the price at $300 and getting a plastic body is really a shame. On the other hand you can see on some device at same price provides  good body . At least metal unit  body is really good. So , xiaomi should have thought about its body.

2. No NFC

The second issue i have been found that their is no NFC in this device. If u spending Rs. 21,000  then u have a right to get NFC in your device. The NFC gives you safe and fatest file sharing experince .

3. Loaded lots of Bloatware apps

The Pocophone has many Bloatware apps in their device like amazon , flipkart app and some other major apps and those preloaded app contains advertisements which is really not good for me at least. If you wanna remove the bloatware apps from your device u have to root your devices. In this case not every people knows how to root.

4. It has IPS LCD Display

Xiomi being called the device a flagship phone. Offering a flagship phone  at cheap price having great camera but it is offering a IPS LCD panel. I not talking that this its panel is not good, its great but xiaomi should have gone at least AMOLED display for a flagship device or snapdragon 845.

5. Lake of OIS

The last issue of this phone is that it has no Optical image stabilization (OIS). But it is really nice to see that xiaomi has given EIS feature in this device that works realy fine but when you take photos EIS doesn't work there. At the price of Rs. 21,000 xiaomi should have given OIS in this device.

So guys those are the problems i think people will find in this device. If you find any queries in this article dont hesistate to comment below . Thank you !

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