Scientists from japan created human egg from blood cells | All you need to know

Scientists from japan created human egg from blood cells  for the first time

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Scientists from japan have created another record by done this new research. They successfully created immature human egg from human blood cells. This is the tremandous research in the field of stem cell done by japan scientist to made a human body from its blood cell in the lab.

     In this research they used human blood cells to create induce pluripotent stem cells , whivh are notable for their ability to become any tyoe of cell. These cells were then injected into tiny artificila ovary that were grown in the laboratory from embryonic cells derived from mice. The produce degg are too immature to fertilized , much less grow into a human child , they open the way for babies produce using the genetics material of relatives. They could likewise give an approach  to infertile people or same sex partners to create a child produced using their own particular DNA .

 A Bioethicist at Dartmouth from Japan , Ronald Green said,  "For example ,it could open the door for clonning people who may not given their consent . A woman might to have George clooney's baby and his heirdresser could start selling his hair folicles online. So we suddenly could see many, many progenesis of George clooney without his consent"

The scientists are further going to work on creating human sperms and creating eggs that are mature enough for fertilization. Some troubles have shown that the new tech could lead the people having the children  of other without their consent . And the others fears taht lab grown babies could also brings some serious  genetics diseases.

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