PUBG UPDATE : Sanhok map added | Here is the PUBG MOBILE full 0.8.0 patch notes

PUBG MOBILE update |Sanhok map added | Here is the PUBG MOBILE full 0.8.0 patch notes

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A new update arrives on Player Unknow's BatteleGround. PUBG mobile finally releasing its 0.8.0 update officially on playstore on today. As per in the game notice PUBG mobile service will be under maintanace on september 11 , 2018 . This update has for the
features that was being waited so long. In this update the SANHOK mini 4×4 map will be there.


New map : SANHOK
     Sanhok can be downloaded independently . So enterr the game and get it right away to join your friends in the rain forest.This is the first map based on the developer's exploration of a real-world location. The team visited Thailand and the Philippines to gain inspiration for the map's assets and atmosphere.

New weapons an dvehicals
    * Flair guns : a rare items that calls a super air drop if used within the playzone.
    * QBZ : an automatic rifle that fires 5.56 mm rounds with both single shot and full auto.
     * Duckbill : An attachment for shotguns, reduces vertical spread and increases horizonatal spread.
     * Muscle car: 4 seat and has both a hard top and a convertible  version.
      * Bulletproof UAZ.

Customizable pickup settings
Pick up quanties can  now be specified in settings.


  * Clans parks : After getting specific items the system will award a certain amount of UC for players to share it  with other clan members.
* New clan title can be eqquipted after purchase.

Anti cheating measure
*  Improve recognition of cheating plug in.
* Added reports buttons to spector mode, basic information and results.

Progress Missions
Added a collect all button to collect rewards of all completed missions.

Added more achievements .Now can be found under missions

  So guys what are you wauting for, dont waste your time. If you are a PUBG lover then update your game  , enjoy it and have better experience . Thank you !

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