Scientists have discoverd new Cancer treatment by sending cancer cell to permanent sleep

A new cancer treatment : can put cancer cells to permanent sleep while attacking  kAT6A and KAT6B proteins.

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Scientists from Melbourne have discover a miraculous new anti-cancer drug that that is able to send cancer cells  straight into a parmanent state of sleep . This could very well be a miracle treatment.

But according to the study  how this new anti cancer drug is able to knock cancer cells straight to sleep without  harming the DNA of patient's cells, lets see..

        The research on the new anti cancer drug is undertaken by associate professor Tim Thomas and associate professor Anne Voss whor are affiliate with the walter and Elisa Hall institue, Dr. Brendom monahan from cancer therapeutics CRC and professor Jonathon Baell who works at the monash intitute of pharmaceutical science.

 As associate professor Thomas noted, this new anti cancer drug that put cancer cells to sleep is the very first of its kind that is able to succesfully pinpoint  and attack both KAT6A and KAT6B proteins. Thomas believed that this new treatment could have profound impact on the lives of cancer patients worldwide.
When cancer patients undergo chemotheraphy and radiotherapy DNA damage is invaribly occures. In traditional cancer treatment also hit normal cell while attacking cancerous ones, and this can cause hair loss, extreame fatigui and other symtoms.

        Thats why associate professor Voss hailed the new landmark study expkained that while treatment cancer cell may not be kill ,they are put to sleep , which means they can not be devide and spread in patients body.

The research is still conitinuing with the new anti cancer drug that put cancer cell into permanent sleep.

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