Do you know the speed of DEATH ?

Thirty micrometers a minute: Scientists discover the speed of death
By studynig of frogg's egg researchers have measured the rate at wchich call kill themselves off for an organism grater good.

By the study scientists found that death travels in unremitting waves through a cell. (Moving at a rate of thirty micrometers every minute ). In a new study they report that for instance  that a nerve cell  whose body can reach a size of 100 micrometers ,could take as log as 3 minute and 20 sec to die. Wchich means Apoptosis or a programmed cell die.

Experiment :
In the study Farrell and his team observed the process in one of the largest cell present in nature ; egg cell of xenopus laevis or
African clawed frogs. They filled test tubes with fluid from the eggs and triggered apoptosis, which they watched unfold by tagging involved proteins with fluorescent light. If they saw fluorescent light, it meant apoptosis was taking place. They found that the fluorescent light traveled through the test tubes at a constant speed. If apoptosis had carried on due to simple diffusion (the spreading of substances from an area of high concentration to one of low concentration), the process would have slowed down toward the end, according to the study.

Since it didn't, the researchers concluded that the process they observed must be "trigger waves," which they likened to "the spread of a fire through a field." The caspases that are first activated, activate other molecules of caspases, which activate yet others, until the entire cell is destroyed.
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