By this App you can Rent a Boyfriend to avoid your loneliness

Now you can rent a boyfriend to get rid of dipression 

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Are you single and often go in dipression due to loneliness . If yes,and want a partner in your life then here is the solution. There is an app or website in the market which provides  boyfriend as rent . 

  The app named RENT A BOYFRIEND (RABF) has launched in mumbai and pune on 15 August. The aim of this app is to help to move on the people who r in dipression . Now a girl can brings a boyfriend as rent to  cinema , dinner or lunch. The boyfriends are may be celebrity or model.

The name of this app's founder is Kaushal 
Prakash and he is 28 years old. According to him the app is related to human's emotion that is if you want to share  your emotion to anyone then app will help you to find someone.

Prakash says, "you can rent a celeebrity for Rs. 3000  or a model Rs. 2000 and a common man for just 300-400 per hour. The app or website works stirckly on a commission basis giving 70% of the earning to the boyfriend ."

What you want to say about this idea please comment below and if you want to get a boyfriend then you can use this app.....Thank you! 

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