13 Amaizng medical uses of SPIDER VENOM

13 most usefull medical uses of spider venom 

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The interest and potential increases largely in medical science about spider venom. Researchers are developing drugs from spider venom for various diseases. Some of the most usefull uses of spider venom discovered by scientists are as follows -

* Spider venom contains bioactive compounds that are neuroprotective & antiseptic.

* Bioactive compounds from Parawixia bistriata spider venom are shown to prevent epileptic seizures by blocking the receptor that induce seizures.

* Compounds from Spider venom could help to treat chronic pain.

* A peptide isolated from spider venom is a good candidate for antimalaria drugs.

* A toxin from the venom of Brazilian wandering Spider can be used in drugs to treat Crectile dysfunction in men.

* Tarantula venom shows great antifungal and antibacterial potential.

* Reduces cell proliferationand invasion of human cervical carlinoma cells.

* Spider venom bears great anti-tumor potential. The venom compounds isolated from Macrothele Raveri spider.

* A protein from spider venom can help to  protect from brain damage after a stroke. The protein reduces brain damage by uo to 80% in animal trials.

* Researchers are developing a drug from  Tarantula venom to treat Muscular dystrophy.  Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disease that has no cure.

* Venom from spiders like Peruvian green velvet tarantula to create painkillers that can block specific sodium channels.

* Venom of the Chilian rose tarantula can  prevent cardiac arrhythmia . The cardiac arrhythmia is the irregular rate of rhythm of the heartbeat.

* Venom extracted from spider Phoneutria nigriventer has the potential to treat Alzheimer's disease.
               A compound extracted from its venm was evaluated in mice ,results showed the ability of the toxin to enhanceboth short and long term memory. 

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